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+ 44 (0)191 810 7005 CustomerServices@GoldenGetaways.com

About Us

The Golden Getaways Story

Julie and her brother Jonathan, arms around each other, behind a set of drums, revelling in the joy of the moment. That image captures the very essence of Golden Getaways—harmony, rhythm, and the joy of life’s great experiences.

Julie brings her vast travel industry expertise to the table, while Jonathan, a procurement pro, brings his knack for negotiating unbeatable deals. This dynamic duo joined forces to form Golden Getaways, a unique travel company that epitomises family values and expertise.

Together, they’ve mastered the art of cutting out the middlemen, passing on incredible savings to you without skimping on quality. Golden Getaways is more than a tour operator; it’s a labour of love that enriches your travel experience with curated itineraries and exceptional value.

So why choose us? Because when you’re part of Golden Getaways, you’re not just a tourist—you’re family. Here, travel is as extraordinary as the savings we offer. Welcome to Golden Getaways.

Our Founding Principles

Our passion for travel is deeply rooted in our love for the natural world. We recognise the paradox that travel, although eye-opening and enriching, can be detrimental to the very places we cherish. That’s why at Golden Getaways, we handpick destinations, accommodations, and activities that are committed to environmental conservation. 

Additionally, we will aim to offset each trip’s carbon footprint wherever possible, aiming for tours that make a positive impact on the planet.

Explore With Intention

At Golden Getaways, we champion intentional exploration over whirlwind tourism. Our focus is on quality, urging you to engage deeply with the culture, cuisine, and communities of the places you visit. This mindful approach not only enriches your travel experience but also alleviates the strain of over-tourism on popular destinations.

We offer curated experiences aimed at deepening your connection to each location, making every journey more meaningful and impactful.

Engage Responsibly

Travel should enrich both the visitor and the local community. At Golden Getaways, we’re drawn to partnerships with businesses and organizations that share our values of ethical and mindful engagement. While we’re conscious of the broader discussions around sustainability and community involvement, our primary focus remains on providing meaningful travel experiences that align with ethical practices.

This approach allows us to offer you travel options that not only enrich your journey but also respect the people and places you visit.

Exceptional Experiences

At Golden Getaways, we understand that a well-designed trip can make all the difference. That’s why each of our packages is the result of meticulous planning, designed to offer a balanced blend of sightseeing, relaxation, and cultural immersion.

Our curated itineraries aim to showcase the best a destination has to offer, leaving you with enriching experiences and lasting memories, without the stress of planning each detail yourself.

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